The Childhood

In 1994, my brother, my sister and I formed a Scottish rock 'n roll band. We named ourselves The Scotch Tapes and our first single, 'Pink Slip' became a household hit with our friends, but it was a little too much for Asian parents to handle at the time. We disbanded in 5th grade. I played the broom guitar.

Now a retired musician, I am a conjurer of ideas. A designer of things. An aspiring word smith-er. An overseer of art. A former log chopper. A former sweat shop seamster. A lover of Tyrian Purple. A taster of cheeses. A chaser of destiny. An overall, okay guy.


THE Friends

"He's delicate. Like a butterfly. Like a really chubby butterfly that can still fly."
- Dr. Phil

"He's wanted in Canada. CANADA! No one's wanted in Canada!"
- Dog the Bounty Hunter

"At some point in the ad game, he's gonna pull someone's weave out."
- Don Draper


THE Playground


Art Director, REI Co-op


Tether, Inc.
Clients: Frito Lays, Gatorade, Under Armour

Publicis Seattle
Clients: American Girl, Ballpark Brand, Seabourn, T-Mobile

Belle & Wissell, Co.
Clients: American Battle Monuments Commission

ICON Worldwide
Clients: Credit Suisse, University of St. Galen, Vifor Pharma

Clients: Hotmail, JanSport, Pacifico Cerveza, Seattle's Best Coffee, Sherry Council of America, Umpqua Bank

Young & Rubicam Irvine
Clients: Callaway Golf, Singapore Tourism Board, Toshiba


The Bragging Rights

Communication Arts Design Annual
Fast Company Co.CREATE

Lurzer's Archive

One Show Finalist
National Addy
Print Regional Design Annual


The Homework

The Art Institute – Orange County, CA
B.S. Graphic Design

The School of Visual Concepts – Seattle, WA


Sorry, I'm currently in detention at the moment.

Location: Seattle, Washington