The Childhood

In 1994, my brother, my sister and I formed a Scottish rock 'n roll band. We named ourselves The Scotch Tapes and our first single, 'Pink Slip' became a household hit with our friends, but it was a little too much for Asian parents to handle at the time. We disbanded in 5th grade. I played the broom guitar.

Now a retired musician, I am a conjurer of ideas. A designer of things. An aspiring word smith-er. An overseer of art. A former log chopper. A former sweat shop seamster. A lover of Tyrian Purple. A taster of cheeses. A chaser of destiny. An overall, okay guy.


THE Friends

"He's delicate. Like a butterfly. Like a really chubby butterfly that can still fly."
- Dr. Phil

"He's wanted in Canada. CANADA! No one's wanted in Canada!"
- Dog the Bounty Hunter

"At some point in the ad game, he's gonna pull someone's weave out."
- Don Draper


THE Playground


Sr. Art Director, REI Co-op


Tether, Inc.
Clients: Frito Lays, Gatorade, Under Armour

Publicis Seattle
Clients: American Girl, Ballpark Brand, Seabourn, T-Mobile

Belle & Wissell, Co.
Clients: American Battle Monuments Commission

ICON Worldwide
Clients: Credit Suisse, University of St. Galen, Vifor Pharma

Clients: Hotmail, JanSport, Pacifico Cerveza, Seattle's Best Coffee, Sherry Council of America, Umpqua Bank

Young & Rubicam Irvine
Clients: Callaway Golf, Singapore Tourism Board, Toshiba


The Bragging Rights

Cannes Glass Lion for Change: Bronze


Communication Arts Design Annual
Fast Company Co. CREATE

Lurzer's Archive

One Show Finalist
National Addy
Print Regional Design Annual


The Homework

The Art Institute – Orange County, CA
B.S. Graphic Design

The School of Visual Concepts – Seattle, WA


Sorry, I'm currently in detention at the moment.

Location: Seattle, Washington