Guardians of wine's
best kept secret

Due to years of neglect, sherry had become a tragically uncool drink, finding favor only with little old ladies and really bad cooks. To champion the grandeur of of sherry, we created an ironic secret society as a platform to re-expose the culinary curiosity to this forgotten style of wine.


The Secret HQ

We created an online HQ where curious people could be inducted as members with their very own alias, watch secret videos that self-destruct upon review, and learn the society's many secret handshakes.


Discover the Great 8

To educate people about sherry, we personified the characteristics of sherry in the eight founding members of the society.


The Not-So-Secret Gatherings

To increase membership to this exclusively inclusive society, we threw a series of secret parties around the country.


The Shoe Phone

Once inside the party, members conversed with the society and received drink tips via secret shoe phone.


The Secret Invites hidden in Plain Site

Secret invites and meeting locations were dispersed in alt weekly ads, wild postings, subliminal projections, messages in bottles, and more.


Wild Postings


The Subliminal Projections

On the eve of each  party, an 'unmarked van' stealthily went out and projected subliminal messages all over the city on outdoor walls which included details, maps, and addresses to the super secret party location.


The Book of Secrets

You don't have to be a Spanish aristocrat to enjoy sherry, but why not pretend you are one with knowledge gleaned from the society?


THE Results



CD // Steve Cullen
AD // Kristi Flango
CW // Sarah Bergey
D // Simson Chantha

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